Simplicity for Host and Guest

CallMe diRECt connects you to your guests using just your web browsers. There's no software to download and your guest doesn't need to create an account.

Perfect for non-technical users.

High-Quality Live Streaming

The low-delay two-way 20kHz live streaming lets you talk naturally and effortlessly, without the fatigue of robotic-sounding voices and long latency.

Bullet-Proof Recording

Lossless local recording at each end of the call, combined with real-time background transfer, ensures you have a perfect copy of the interview for later editing, even if the internet connection is patchy.

Secure by Design

Live and recorded audio is end-to-end encrypted between the guest's browser and the host's. No audio is stored on any servers.

GDPR compliance simplified.

Programme-Making for the New Normal

With no need for any special hardware or software, CallMe diRECt is perfect for presenters and producers working from home. It is also ideal for physically-distant in-person interviews, with the host and guest both using mobile phones, connected by scanning a QR code.

No more microphones on broomsticks.

Create links and send to contributors
Remote interviews in a web browser
Low-delay two-way live streaming
Local recording on each device
Reliable background file transfer
Lossless recordings of host & guest
End-to-end audio and file encryption

Free 7-day Trial

Try all the features of CallMe diRECt completely free for 7 days. Then choose the subscription which works best for you.